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Solar-Powered A-Frame Cabin With Stunning View

Solar-Powered A-Frame Cabin With Stunning View

What would it be like to live entirely on renewable energy solutions? With a minimal amount of modern commodities? Generating a minimal carbon footprint and emissions? To answer these questions, we created a compelling space, where people could experience a more sustainable way of living: the Nolla cabin. Located on...

Log Cabin Style Meets Ethnic and Modern Interior Design

Viking View Chalet interior design 2

What makes a log house interior so unique? First of all, it’s the natural elements combined with flush hues and rich textures. Secondly, the choice of floors, ceiling, doors, light fixtures, wall surfaces and more, create eye-catching attractiveness that most would envy. This log cabin styled home by Locate Architects, pulls...

Awesome Treehouse Retreat and Cabin Hideaway

Treehouse Retreat and Cabin Hideaway

Treehouses are the ultimate return to nature where you can escape from it all.  They cause you to slow down, change your view on the pace of life and enjoy the quiet moments. Sleep under the stars, listen to the rustle of the treetops and smell the scent of pine trees...