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Board New Kitchen Design by Snaidero

board new kitchen design by snaidero

  New Kitchen Design by Snaidero lacquer kitchen BOARD by Pietro Arosio. Board featuring cedar green high-gloss lacquered doors and functional block from 90 cm in Corian. A new kitchen concept which speaks the language of comfort, warmth and airiness. Cantilever operating unit, fully equipped for cooking, washing and food preparation activities....

Z.Island Kitchen by Zaha Hadid


The multi-sensorial kitchen "Z.Island" is not simply a project created in order to astonish people and make them talk. The kitchen area conceived by architect Zaha Hadid in collaboration with Ernestomeda and  DuPont brings with it concrete innovations that will be useful for future production and that involve the processing of the materials, the structural organisation and...

iPhone Coffee Table by ginepro

  The Table is made ​​of Corian ®, Stainless Steel and Glass, the central body is presented as a single body monochrome, made ​​from two twin shells glued on edge. The material is available in different colors and allows for absolutely smooth and uniform surfaces. The legs are robust invoice...