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A Great Tiny Kitchen

Great Tiny Kitchen

Minikitchen monobloc kitchen on castors. Boffi’s Minikitchen is a re-issue of Joe Colombo s celebrated 1963 design, realised now in Corian. Minikitchen in the form of a large trolley with kitchen functions: hob unit, mini-refrigerator, drawer, storage compartments, small cutlery drawers, sockets for small electrical appliances, big chopping board and pull-out worktop. (more…)

30 Kitchen Designs With Popular Trends

scandinavian kitchen design

If you a’re looking to give your kitchen a fresh makeover, there are various kitchen designs to offer you the unique vibe you'’re looking for. The year offers a plethora of designs which are as a result of mixing the various design philosophies to provide highly customized kitchens. While your...

Spiceboard One by Jens Völkel

Spiceboard One by Jens Völkel

Cray-cray for coriander? Doolally for dill? Barmy for basil? Rightly so: fresh herbs are thequintessence of a cracking kitchen. Now your favourite aromatic plants can be watered, trimmed and chopped in one place: on the Spiceboard One. This chopping board is made from walnut and has an integrated chopping knife. It accommodates three potted...

Swingrest by Daniel Pouzet for DEDON

Swingrest by Daniel Pouzet for DEDON

  Swingrest by Daniel Pouzet for DEDON. The ultimate hanging lounge, SWINGREST is one of the first products to emerge from DEDON ISLAND resort, our Outdoor Living Lab in Siargao, The Philippines. Pouzet, co-architect and designer of DEDON ISLAND, took his inspiration for the SWINGREST from the extra-high ceilings of the resort’s...