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How to Create An Amazing Kitchen With Island

The Flying Kitchen from Unikat

Kitchen islands are a great trend that can be implemented in your kitchen. Having a kitchen with island in your home comes with many advantages, provided you have an open plan living plus dining room. They come in different sizes, shapes, colors, styles and can help you change the way your kitchen looks completely. This way, it is highly unlikely that you won’t find the one that will suit your needs and fit in perfectly with the rest of your kitchen.

With some research, everything will be way easier to spot the one that’s right for you. But, in order to save you time we are here for you. Out of all the kitchen with island ideas out there, we have collected the most unique ones, and those who will satisfy even the most demanding preferences.

Are you looking for some ideas and inspiration for kitchen islands? Then you are in the right place! Anything from inspiring ideas and tips, examples and explanations to representative photos of each case. So, take a seat and read carefully this blog post as it will enlighten you if you are thinking of getting a kitchen with island.

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Benefits of a kitchen with island

Now, as you can imagine, this trend has definitely some benefits. Regardless of what it has to offer in terms of decor, it hides some practical advantages underneath. Thus, giving you and your guests a chance to have a better experience when being in that room of the house.

However, the decorating part is equally important. If not more. After all, what is the point of having more space when the style isn’t compatible with the rest of the decor, or inappropriate for your home? So, when the time comes and you decide on your kitchen with island, remember these two points.

kitchen with island in dark colors

Via Home DSGN

For now, let’s see some main benefits of the island design. First things first, a kitchen with island offers more counter space. And not only that, but it generally gives you more usable area. For example, an island design offers additional storage and seating, and can turn an otherwise ordinary kitchen into a showplace.

The storage is key, as you can use drawers to store the most necessary equipment there. The seating part is crucial as well, especially when you have guests coming and you still haven’t prepared the meal. It is a great place for them for casual sitting while keeping you company.

Another point worth mentioning, is the fact that kitchen islands make your space look fuller. This is something to consider, especially if you feel that there is an empty space in your kitchen. The overall idea, is that you get more space, while reasonably making good use of everything.

With our design ideas below you can specifically see how these benefits really matter. And will become the game changers in any kitchen ideas!

Kitchen design ideas to inspire you

Still thinking whether you should have a kitchen with island? Well, maybe the ideas presented below will help you make a faster decision. Of course, don’t forget to adjust any elements and features, if necessary, to match the rest of your kitchen.

This is the part where most people get it wrong. Although it is nice to have a modern island design, this doesn’t mean that it is something to go for. For example, a traditional kitchen should have an equivalent style when it comes to island design. So, taking care of this part is completely up to you.

Let’s dive right into some great ideas to get you inspired for this beloved and very desired kitchen trend.

A kitchen island with drawers

Yes, that’s right. Like we mentioned earlier, kitchen islands are a great way of adding more storage space to your kitchen. In this example, let’s talk about drawers. Drawers are a great and subtle way to take advantage of the existing space covered by the island design. You can see below how perfectly the drawers were designed and aligned together.

This will definitely give you an edge when compared to your old kitchen without the island part. And it’s a great opportunity to place in the drawers the kitchen appliances that you mostly need. Just like that you will eliminate the time you spend searching all the cabinets about that mixer you really need at a specific moment.

kitchen island with drawers

Also, if you have kitchen cabinets that touch the ceiling, or are really hard to get objects from, this is the optimal solution for you. Without placing all the kitchen equipment in the counter space that you want organized and super clean, of course.

Another way to take advantage of the drawers is using some of them to place the equipment for laying the table. No need to wander around the kitchen and waste time anymore. This is extremely handy when you are in a hurry, and need to get things done fast. An island design like that will really solve all the storage problems you might have in your kitchen.

Tip: You can also leave a couple of drawers empty, so that you can place any unnecessary stuff in there when you really need to get that out of your guests’ sight. Instead of wasting time and placing it where it belongs, you can do this trick to keep everything arranged when you have visitors.

Focus on rounded design ideas

The reason why choosing this might be obvious. A curved island design will definitely reduce the chance of you getting hit or injured while cooking in the kitchen.

kitchen with cycle island

Via home sick disigns

Oftentimes, with our busy schedules we are on the run 24/7, not having that much time to cook properly. And because of this we might neglect that the counter space has several sharp edges. How to get rid of this concern? Simply opt for the design ideas in kitchen that eliminate this. Go for curved island ideas instead of the classic ones full of dangerous edges.

Extra-tip: This is extremely useful and a smart move if you have kids, too. We all know how clumsy kids can be, so they are more prone to get hurt in edgy parts of the house.

grey and white kitchen with island


Like in these cases here. You can see how this design also offers a modern twist to your kitchen. The colors, the shining surfaces and the overall island ideas create a contemporary atmosphere. A good point to remember here, is that this type of kitchen with island is perfect for those who have small kitchens. The reason? Of course because the shape of the island allows you to reach everything easily and fast.

Another advantage of this style is the fact that it allows you to place some chairs or stools even in the “corners” of the counter space. So that there is no place unused and everything is harmonically put all around the area.

modern red and white kitchen with island

Place a sink in the kitchen island

Now, this is a complete game changer. Wouldn’t it be nice to have everything within arm’s reach when sitting around the kitchen island with your family or friends? Instead of moving around and doing the dishes, or use some water for any other possible reason, you can do this easily without moving at all.

You can either use this when you have a limited space in your kitchen and don’t know how to harmonically place your sink so that it doesn’t take up much useful space. However, you can use it in case you already have a sink in your kitchen, too. Like we mentioned before, this is very useful when it comes to not moving around a lot and want to be around your favourite people.

modern white kitchen island

Via Dina’s house

For example, imagine having some friends over and you decide to prepare some finger food or a rich meal. Anything will require using at least several times your sink. Wouldn’t it be bad for them to see just the back of you, or not even see you at all? So, having a sink in the kitchen island helps you socialize while preparing anything, and also seem more hospitable.

Notice that when sinks are part of your island design, they don’t usually take up much space of it. Thus giving you the chance to use the rest of that space as a seating space for another person. The bottom line is, placing the sink in a kitchen with island is advisable and doesn’t sacrifice any good points of that space. Contrary to what it would have been like, if you placed it in the ordinary counter space.

modern kitchen with island 2

In this example, you can see exactly what we mean. The sink in the island doesn’t block anyone sitting right in front of it. And there is plenty of space around the island for more people sitting. Although having a sink in that spot seems kind of controversial, it is really a good move in your kitchen decor.

Install a cooktop for complete island design ideas

By the same token, it’s really beneficial to place the cooktop in the kitchen island. Especially if you are a person who cooks a lot, this will definitely change the way you spend your time in the kitchen. Again here, this allows you to be next to your family or friends.

Hasn’t it happened to you to feel a little bit of isolation when you are the only one cooking or cleaning up while the rest of the group is having fun around? Well this will be one of your favourite island ideas, then. Who wouldn’t like to combine these two activities together, after all?

modern eclectic kitchen with island and stone

In this example, you can easily notice the cooktop. If you choose to redesign your kitchen island like that, you will notice the difference. You can easily cook at the one side of the island while the rest of your family sits all around. Here you can also see how two well-analyzed ideas are combined together. First, the cooktop. And second the fact that this is a rounded kitchen island.

Just like that you can focus on the cooking part without having to worry about the kids or siblings getting hurt in the corners. Amazing, isn’t it? Well if you don’t try it, you will never know.

Extra-tip: Always consider having power sockets somewhere in the kitchen island, no matter its size and location, or even if it has a glass shelf for example. Otherwise any idea related to having the appliances stored in the kitchen island will definitely not work!

Use waterfall islands

A big trend that seems to be a good choice for many people out there includes using waterfall islands in the kitchen. Its name might be quite revealing so as to be easier for you to understand what this is all about. A waterfall island is just like an ordinary island, but with a special feature on the sides. Specifically, the counter space continues down both or one side of the kitchen island design.

Typically, the majority of waterfall kitchen islands belong to those with the counter continuing on both sides. Nonetheless, if you want to have a more modern twist to that area of the house, you might as well use a waterfall countertop that is visible in only one side of it. Both ways are good to go and make for great island ideas.

For what reason, however, would someone want to install this particular type of kitchen island? Well first things first, it gives you some type of protection for the kitchen cabinets you might have underneath. If you are one of those people who want to find ways to keep their space cleaner more easily, then this is a good option as well. Waterfall kitchen islands don’t get dirty that easily and on top of that, they don’t need much effort when cleaning up the kitchen.

Also, this is a good way to highlight the material your waterfall island is made of. For example, let’s say that you’ve spent a huge amount of money on a luxurious material for your counter space. Like a granite surface, marble or even a quality wood island. You most likely want to make it stand out. A good way to do so is by using this material in a waterfall island design. Try it out! It’s worth it!

Consider two-tone kitchen islands

Two-tone kitchen islands are also great for adding a contemporary touch to your kitchen. It offers a gentle yet noticeable contrast to your kitchen that will be remembered by anyone who gets to enter that room of your house.

You can choose different combinations here, but we would advise you to go with what best fits the rest of your kitchen. For example, below you can see a great case of a black and white kitchen with island. The island design and color combination is such that is perfectly incorporated with the rest of the decor. This island by Brummel cucine is a jewel of aesthetics and ergonomics, we must admit!

modern luxury kitchen with island and big crystal chandeliers

However, you can take a different approach, still following the same pattern with a more traditional island. Here you can see how well combined the white color is with the brown tone of the wood. It is a great two-tone example for traditional island lovers out there.

modern kitchen with island wood and white

Grey and white is also another classic instance that is used by plenty of homeowners who love exceptional aesthetics. And we don’t wonder why, actually. This two-tone idea creates a very luxurious atmosphere with a modern touch.

white and grey colors in home decor
Via kitchen building

Two-tone kitchen islands belong to those island ideas that add some great freshness to your kitchen’s decor. They instantly stand out from the rest of your kitchen and, if used in combination with the rest of the ideas presented here, you can have the kitchen island of your dreams right in your own home!

Bold colors island design to make a statement

Are you tired of having an ordinary kitchen with island? Then this section is probably the one you must definitely read! Generally speaking, bold colors in home decor add big contrast and enable you to make a statement with the design you choose. In island design, though, in particular it is something extraordinary that will make exceptional difference and will give a new lease of life to your kitchen.

inox island and red plexiglass

For example, a bold red color in combination with this metallic surface is what we can call a dream! It’s beautiful, it makes a statement and it will most likely stay in the mind of your guests.

However,  two-tone colors – even bold ones – might not be ideal for you. In case you want something more that will take your kitchen island to the next level, then you should definitely try multicolored surfaces. Check the instance below to get an idea of what we mean.

leggo in kitchen with red stools

Here is a colorful kitchen island, clad entirely in LEGO. The company’s 2,350 different pieces and 52 colors form a nearly infinite number of combinations—–and for as many purposes, from creating a land of shipwrecked pirates to assembling an actual kitchen island in a Paris apartment. The red stools is the last detail, which is also important in this case. All these colors will bring more life to your kitchen and will make you feel more energized once you enter this room of the house!

Via dwell

Moreover, you could give colored cabinets a try, if you don’t want to have so much color in kitchen island. Colored cabinets do create a very friendly environment in your kitchen. It is a great way to add color to that “boring” kitchen you want to change without overdoing it. The colors, of course, should be of your choice. And also, should go well with the rest of the colors used in your kitchen.

Extra-tip: If you want to use bold color in your kitchen, make sure to use them sparingly and not all over the place. Otherwise you might end up having a kitchen with too much color quantity, something you don’t really want. Remember that too many bold colors together can be quite confusing to the human eye. Thus having the completely opposite result of the one you want, that is, to have an impressive kitchen with island.

Use a wood island in kitchen

A wood kitchen island is not only for those who like traditional islands but also for those who like modern versions or even transitional style. The result really does depend on the rest of decor as well as on the style of the kitchen island itself.

light brown wooden island

Modern wood kitchen island designed by GRAFT.

Take for instance this one above. The style and design is such, that creates a great contemporary style. However, this kitchen island is still made of wood material. So, you might as well use it in both traditional and modern kitchen decor. It all depends on what you want to accomplish and where you want to get at with your island design.

Tip: Placing some beautiful details in the kitchen islands, if the space allows you to, is great! For example, some candles, a vase with flowers or literally anything else that will fill the space with your favourite objects.

dark wood surface

Go plain

Even in plain style, kitchen islands can create a great and modern style that is beautiful. Check these illuminating instances, for example. It includes plain color combinations, with minimal decor that is irresistible. If you are the type of person who loves simplicity, yet knows how amazing this can be, then this style is the one for you.

modern design
contemporary white furniture
white surface with sink


Whatever the case, a kitchen island is very beneficial for you and your kitchen. The benefits of such kitchen element are many, as it provides you with more space and allows you to cook or do the cleaning up more efficiently.

We saw many examples and tips you can use to have a complete kitchen with island. Anything from incorporating drawers, using rounded shaped islands, placing a sink or even a cooktop on it and many more. Playing with colors or having a wood island are also some other ways to get the preferable result you want. Waterfall islands are an additional idea you could implement. And last but not least, if nothing else works for you, just go plain! There is beauty in simplicity as well!

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