Modern Floor Lamps

Modern Floor Lamps

Modern floor lamps do much more than illuminate your rooms. They can blend in with your decor or become a striking feature of it. They can spotlight the focal points in your home, or detract from it’s flaws.

They are ideal where there is insufficient space for a side-table – indeed, many modern floor lamps even come equipped with integrated tables of their own, highlighting cherished photos or a treasured antique.

You can use them to give a warm, cosy glow, or a stark light in a more utilitarian setting. A wide variety of styles capable of blending in with any theme are available, from Zen and Chinese paper to Art Deco, wrought iron and Gothic.

Instead of the ambient lighting provided for simple relaxation, modern floor lamps can also supply the task lighting needed for crafting and and hobbies. Not only is this lighting directed instead of diffused, the light produced by the bulbs mimics natural daylight.

A heavy base usually prevents the lamp from toppling over, and at the top is either a single shade – as in the ‘Torchiere’ style, for example, or multiple shades, as in the ‘Medusa’ style, which represents the many snakes which the Goddess had for hair. Varying levels of light settings are often available too.

The Torchiere is notable because, unlike most other lamps, it shines light directly upwards. If you’d rather light the lower portions of the room but would still like to give the illusion of light, choose one of the tall, columnar floor lamps, or make a narrow room lokk wider with a short, squat floor lamp. With designs ranging from three to six feet, you’re certain to find something suitable.

Home lighting has come a long way in recent years. If you’re still shuddering at the memory of the tasseled shades on sticks that once gathered dust in the sitting rooms of bygone days, take another look at modern floor lamps now. You’ll be glad you did.

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Modern Floor Lamps 2
I found this beautiful modern tripod floor lamp in Antropologie $298.
Modern Floor Lamps 3
This is an Italian floor lamp by Marco Agnoli and you can find it here.
Modern Floor Lamps 4
Hive ModernHorse Lamp$6,542(Life-sized horse with a light on its head. This equine floor lamp is one of a three piece collection of animal furniture designed by Front which also includes a Rabbit Lamp and a Pig Table. The Horse Lamp is available in black only


Modern Floor Lamps 5
CB2 Bauhaus Arc Floor Lamp$199(Modern arched floor lamp in green (olivine) metal. Pedestal iron base rises off-center. Shade is made of smooth aluminum; exposed butterfly nut pivots shade to direct the beam.
Modern Floor Lamps 6

Royal Master Sealight Floor Lamp $1595 Restoration Hardware

pink Modern Floor Lamps
Cerise pink floor lamp.High gloss lacquered, turned fibreglass floor lamp base £170.00 Habitat.

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