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Unique Aquarium by Psalt Design

The Bubble Tank by Richard Bell for Psalt Design

  I love this aquarium created by Psalt Design. It s simple and unique! Psalt Design was formed by Tom McKeown, Richard Bell and David Powell after studying and graduating from Furniture and Product design at Sheffield Hallam University. The opportunity was available for a design studio to be formed...

Unique Chairs

Sun Flower Chair by He Mu and Zhang Qian Designed by designer He Mu and Zhang Qian from Shanghai University of Engineering Science, Sunflower Chair has won "Redtory Design Award" for the 5th "Design for Sitting" Grand Prix. Experts in the jury all agreed that the chair satisfied the very...

Aquarium Sink

Aquarium Sink

This highly entertaining accessory allows you to enjoy an aquarium or zen garden within your restroom. The top glass rises in case you need to rearrange the decor and both sides offer a large, circular entry for fish feeding. A large sink light is included (located in back) and a...