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French Style House

French Style House decorating ideas 9

When Sophie and Philippe discovered the Bronze Horse Stables, a mythical place at Maison-Laffitte, they see beyond the bad condition of the buildings, the opportunity to realize their dreams. After ten years of negotiations and waiting, they become owners. Via CAMPAGNE DECORATION

Unique Pink Loft In Barcelona

This unique home is located just 5 minutes away from Barcelona and features a stunning combination of old and new. Recently renovated for a young couple with two children, the crib kept most of its initial design details intact. The ceiling height with its tile roof and wooden beams and...

Rounded Loft in Prague by A1ARCHITECTS

A rounded Loft in Prague by A1ARCHITECTS. Softness and fluency of space as its main attributes... I love this house ....is so simple, fresh and warm! The private spaces such as bedrooms are ofcourse separated, but the rest of common activities rooms are connected within one fluent space. It starts...