20 Best Bathroom Floor Tile Ideas

The bathroom is one of the most important rooms in our homes. Not only when it comes to selling your house, because a bathroom with high quality and beautiful bathroom floor tile will attract more buyers’ attention. But it is also important to take care of ourselves, to indulge ourselves from time to time. Decorating the bathroom well means that we will spend hours of relaxation in our bathtub feeling calmer and more peaceful, as well as filling us with satisfaction.

Image: Interiors by Lisa Guest

One of the first characteristics that attracts attention in our bathroom are the tiles. Getting an interesting pattern, with beautiful colors that combine and contrast will give this space a unique personality. That’s why in this article we are going to give you 21 bathroom floor tile ideas.


1. Hexagon floor tile

Historically, hexagons are one of the first shapes that began to become popular when wanting to innovate with the types of bathroom floor tile. And still, to this day, they are one of the most popular forms. They are a symbol of beauty and symmetry that relaxes and gives us mental peace. In addition, they exist in a wide variety of sizes, patterns and colors.

Image: Interiors by Lisa Guest

all white bathroom

2. White bathroom floor tile

Whiteness has always been a symbol of cleanliness and purity. It is the classic color of the tiles that, in addition, combined with tiles of simple shapes and straight lines, you will get a bathroom that seems spacious, bright and clean.

Image: Style Inherited


3. Black and white bathroom floor tiles

The combination of black and white colors in the tiles is very classic. And if it is, is because it works. The contrast between both colors allows us to highlight figures and create pleasant patterns. With straight black lines drawn on a white background, you can give your bathroom a refined and classic look.

Image: Beginning in the Middle

Black bathroom floor tiles

4. Black bathroom floor tiles

Choosing black for our bathroom can be a bit scary at first, but combined with a white wall it will be a safe bet. The black tile floors give the space a formal and sophisticated look perfect for the most modern homes.

Image: Domino / Photography: CODY GUILFOYLE


5. Patterned bathroom floor tiles

Patterns are a very personal way to add color and life to your bathroom. You can use tiles that have patterns drawn on them, combined in such a way that they fit together. Or you can also use flat colored tiles to create your own patterns.

Image: Interiors by Lisa Guest


6. Blue bathroom floor tiles

The blue palette is classic and can be combined with a large number of shapes and types of tiles without being overdone. It is an ideal color for a place of relaxation and related to water.

Image: Samantha


7. Gray bathroom floor tiles

Gray is a neutral color that conveys a feeling of calm. It is a color that easily combines with both white and black but is not so contrasting. It is perfect for bathrooms where the grayscale is meant to achieve uniformity as well as variety, at the same time.

Gray and white bathroom floor tiles

8. Gray and white bathroom floor tiles

The combination of white and gray tiles is always as good a choice. This is very useful especially if you have a small bathroom and you don’t want it to look too ornate. This option offers a softer contrast while allowing you to obtain decorated and elegant results.

Image: Mel Boyden


9. Retro inspired bathroom floor tiles

Within the retro inspiration you can get a lot of different styles. You can either use classic retro tiles to achieve a modern and simple look, or make retro patterns to convey your personality.



10. Natural Stone bathroom floor tiles

Natural stone is an option that will never go out of style. Despite being a material with a higher cost, its high quality will allow your bathroom floor to have a long life while maintaining quality.

Image: ABK

black and white bathroom

11. Tiny Geometric bathroom floor tiles

The tiny geometric tiles will give your bathroom floor a new, original and very personal pattern. Combine the figures and color palettes that make you feel more relaxed.


12. Herringbone bathroom floor tiles

Herringbone is a characteristic pattern style of rectangular shaped tiles. It is a very elegant zigzagging pattern often used on classic solid color tile floors to give it a different look.

13. Fish Scale bathroom floor tiles

Fish scale tiles are an innovative way to decorate the bathroom. They look great in dark colors contrasting with the white lines, or playing with different shades of the same color palette.

Checkerboard bathroom floor tiles
classic subway tiles

14. Checkerboard bathroom floor tiles

If you can’t put tiles on the floor, you can fake it with wooden floors painted like a checkerboard. You can also use grouped tiles forming large squares of different colors interspersed. Using them you can give the same board effect.

Image: Real Homes

Marrakech bathroom floor tiles

15. Marrakech bathroom floor tiles

The typical tiles of Marrakech are characterized by striking and geometric patterns that form colorful designs. They look great decorating a specific area or strip of the floor and accompanied by other flat-colored tiles.

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Image: Domus Ceramika

Zellige bathroom floor tiles

16. Zellige bathroom floor tiles

Zellige style tiles, also called Moroccan, are known for being usually made of terracotta and by hand, giving them a very characteristic irregularity. It will give your bathroom a unique and very personal look thanks to the magic of imperfection.

Image: AD

Cement bathroom floor tiles

17. Cement bathroom floor tiles

Cement tiles are characterized by their colorful and striking patterns. There is a wide variety of tiles of this type and they are very durable. Also, they are cheaper than ceramic tiles.


18. Faux wood bathroom floor tiles

Covering the wooden floor in a bathroom can be a dangerous bet, because it will be expensive to ensure that all the material is well sealed so that water and steam do not penetrate inside and rot it. Thus, ceramic tiles that mimic its texture and color are the ideal alternative, as well as being considerably cheaper.

Penny bathroom floor tile

19. Penny bathroom floor tiles

Although they can be a bit more laborious to maintain and clean, surfaces made from coin-shaped tiles are very versatile. You can play to create patterns, drawings or simply use the color of the tile that contrasts with the lines in between.

Image: Lily Pad Cottage

Pentagon bathroom floor tile

20. Pentagon bathroom floor tiles

The magic of pentagonal tiles is that they fit perfectly together and, at the same time, give a messy and random look. Even so, depending on whether they are regular pentagons or not, they can be used to create patterns in the shape of flowers, for example. They are great for combining different shades of the same color palette.

Image: Zellige

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Choosing the perfect bathroom floor tiles is a very personal choice. In it you must assess the size, lighting and furniture that there is and combine it with your expression, personality and favorite colors. Only then will you find the perfect combination that will make you feel at peace when you want to take a relaxing bath.

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