Interior Design With An Ageless Appeal

grey home interior design idea

Grey is frequently used as a background or complementary color. Muted and simple to work around, grey is oftentimes the supporting shade, not the star. Yet, in this beautiful home, the achromatic scheme is bursting with charm and sophistication, centered around the chameleon hue of grey. Various intensities of the color are used throughout the decor adding dimension and proportion to the overall layout. Brilliant textures abound from sleek to matted. Whether adorning bedroom walls, bathroom tiles, or a luxurious velvety sofa, grey works. It’s certainly having an impressive effect in this lovely residence. 

A small flat can ooze style if the space is used decorously. In this home, the main kitchen and living room space is shared. The two areas are joined, yet, each have their distinctive appeal while simultaneously complementing each other. The stunning charcoal-grey Chesterfield styled sofa is the center piece. The accent chair and rug both add to the impressive décor emitting a smooth mat texture that looks and feels flush.

Mirrors are great for small spaces because they make them appear larger. They also extend the view of a room depending on where they are placed. For example, the position of the French paned designed mirror elongates the room. The reflection of additional space has a grandiose effect. Another advantage is that the space is filled with natural light. This creates an organic appeal that brings any room to life.

The utilization of the various hues of grey in this flat is flawless. In the small kitchen and dining space, the charcoal-grey wooden table and chairs enrich the color scheme. It’s dramatic in a way but not over-the-top. The table is a complementary piece that supports the ideas put forth by the entire décor. Stylish Eurostyle kitchen cabinets are sleek and chic. In addition, the small brass handles and brass fixtures cast an attractive diversion from the otherwise discrete textures.

Brick always adds a cozy comfy effect to homes. This astounding feature is added to this small space and blends perfectly. Though the majority of the décor has modernistic-sophisticated attractiveness, the brick wall adds an earthy element. It’s a nice touch in an otherwise contemporary ambiance.

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The bedroom space is neatly packed into an alcove with an arched enclave surrounded by brick walls and unique sliding storage space. Grandiose accents like the mirror, matching wall table, and indiscriminate lighting gives the space it’s own niche. Soft bed coverings and a large arch shaped window complete the visage. The bathroom area and additional small spaces bring this home together like the perfect puzzle.

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Psychology states that grey symbolizes tranquility and stability. It’s timeless and classic. Yet, it remains neutral. This is very much the effect the color grey has on this home. It gives the interior design an ageless appeal and it’s irreproachable!

Images: Erik Olsson

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