Interior Decorating With Blue Highlights Puts You In The Comfort Zone

contemporary interior by ganna design

A combination of soft elegance, avant-garde style, and industrial components turns this living space by Ganna Design, into distinctive living quarters. The living space is outfitted with a combination of deeply rich grey and additional light tones of grey, coupled with stainless steel accessories merged with interesting patterns and textures.
Plaid is a very strong statement to place in a home. The plaid sofa in this dwelling is not overbearing, it’s more the size of a love seat. It appears stylish and well-designed, thereby indicating that the inhabitants of this dwelling are very much into unique qualitative furnishings and accent pieces.

A single seat fury rug in a deep cobalt blue is quite ambiguous. It can be either an interesting art piece or a functional chair for sitting. A long table functions as an eating table, cooking island, and storage unit. In addition, the concrete ceiling and large windows add depth to the space permitting natural light to fill the space. The kitchen, dining area and living room are merged into one space creating a beautiful functional entertaining laid-back area.

The room transforms into an oriental type setting with cushions on the floor for sitting or sleeping. The stunning hue coincides with the beautiful long table working station in the room. There is a 60s style element to the layout with rocking chairs designed with a 60s flair.

The magnificent chandeliers and long drapes create a dramatic effect. The contrasting concept of light shining through dark rich curtains with chandeliers that create a nighttime glow is fascinating. There’s nothing more that needs to be done to the room. The design is complete as each piece, though individual, come together flawlessly.

The bedroom area takes another turn with a black hue while maintaining hints of the enchanting blue theme. The en suite bathroom is beautifully highlighted with stunning blue and white tiles and a spectacular black chandelier that adds just the right amount of pizzazz to the setting. The arrangement is unusual but impressive. It’s really special in every sense of the word. The room is more like a show piece, it’s extremely eye-catching.

Blue is a tranquil hue, it is fantastic for any room especially bathrooms and bedrooms, and it is used to great effect in the space in this residence. The layout of the space is perfectly planned and beautifully executed. The living quarters appears to be for a single person or couple. It’s a no-fuss interior decorating arrangement that works on every level. One thing is for sure, there are no mistakes with the decorating of this amazing abode. It is simultaneously interesting, beautiful, avant-garde, and charming!

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