35 Clever and Stylish Small Kitchen Design Ideas

Bigger isn’t always better, and what’s more, it’s not always possible. Small kitchens are here to stay. Every inch counts when making the most of a small kitchen. With some decorating creativity and practical design tactics, you can ensure your small kitchen yields large benefits. These small kitchens make excellent use of space, and the interior design decisions make them seem even bigger. Check out these 35 Clever and Stylish Small Kitchen Design Ideas.
small kitchen in a blue paint


This otherwise cramped, semi-enclosed kitchen space gets a life of its own with the help of a careful and precise paint job. It now looks like a little cozy oasis, set apart from the rest of the home.

contemporary small kitchen design

A U-shaped layout offers efficiency when short on space. This modified U places the refrigerator just out of sight on the right. A half-wall with countertop and stone base hides the workspace from the living area while letting light and conversation pass unobstructed. All the essentials for cooking and cleaning are within arm’s reach. The horizontal drawer handles are long enough to double as towel racks and the large floor tiles make the kitchen look bigger than it is. Photo Credit: Haier

contemporary small kitchen design with tableChallenged by unusual angles and cramped quarters, these homeowners designed a narrow workspace footprint where every inch of space was an opportunity to be creative. Using blonde wood, stainless steel and spot lighting the kitchen has become an organic work of modern art. The table is a harmonious extension of the island, where the sink sits. On the left of the oven is a tambour door that rolls up to expose pullout shelves for the KitchenAid mixer and other appliances. Photo Credit: Martha & Michael Stano

modern central small kitchen with table 25

Go with a clever solution, such as a dining table that can pull double duty as an island.


small kitchen design with table and brick walls

Exposed brick in the kitchen warms up the cozy space and gives it character.


modern  wood small kitchen with high cabinets


small kitchen with white cabinets and lime wall


total white small kitchen design ideas


turquoise small kitchen design with kitchen stand bar


country small kitchen design 8


total black small long kitchen design 9


white small kitchen design with green tiles 10


small kitchen design 11


small kithen design 12 with free shelves


small kitchen 13


small kitchen design with metal bar 14

When it comes to a small kitchen, it’s all about being clever. So, if there’s a return that you can add a breakfast bar to – do it. Equally, if you can stand your kitchen on show-legs so that you can see beneath your units, that will trick the eye into seeing the kitchen as larger than it is, especially if your flooring is reflective.

small kithen design with smart shelves 15

Open shelves, pullout storage, and well-designed cabinets provide easy access to items while cooking, prepping, and cleaning up

small kitchen design 16 with dark cabinets

Dark cabinets with brown-and-black tiger striping makes for a sleek, contemporary look, while the pale solid-surface backsplash creates a bold contrast. The design makes the most of very little countertop space with a wenge butcher block that slides over the sink. A dining table on casters allows an eight-seater to slide under the island when not in use.


small kitchen design with sink in the corner

The wall between this tiny kitchen and an adjacent living space was removed to make room for more storage. Visual separation between the rooms was maintained with an island-breakfast bar. Placing the sink in the corner of the room made for more food prep space, while brushed and polished stainless tile forms a standout backsplash.

small kitchen deisgn with hidden table

Mother-of-pearl granite countertops and frosted-glass tile contrast with dark cabinets, while a custom-built, space-saving table on casters nests into the back of the island when not in use.

modern orange small kitchen design 19

This modern contemporary small kitchen design goes far beyond the bounds of a traditional small kitchen. Beginning with the color scheme, this decidedly minimal, yet entirely functional small kitchen space is very ‘bold’ and clean. Notice how the bright work areas create a largeness along with the use of a glass bar top that doubles as an eating area.


small eclectic kitchen design 20

This funky small kitchen design goes big on boldness. The almost fluorescent green wall color scheme, together with a white back splash help to create a personable comfort for this small kitchen. The use of wacky ‘non-traditional’ decor fixtures such as the bathroom mirror backsplash (a ‘watch yourself cook’ fetish?) adds to the personality of this small kitchen design. Notice the shale blackboard note minder on the divider face, and the shelving unit over the doorway…?



contemporary teak small kitchen design 21

The teak-like finish is very rich and the styling is modern contemporary without being garishly minimalist. Functionality meets design in this example of a modern small kitchen. Ample cupboard space and well placed small appliances enhance the dual beauty of this design.

futuristic contemporary small kitchen design 22

Looking at the wall partition, a stylish light fixture provides functional light, while dramatically adding to the futuristic contemporary feel, and allowing an open space into the front entranceway, making the whole area more inviting for guests.

small kitchen design with high cabinets touches the celing

Home Depot designer Emily O’Keefe added cabinetry with period charm to this small kitchen. “Since space was tight, I went up, stacking the cabinets,” she says. “The ceilings are 11 feet high, but not every cabinet touches the ceiling — that way they look more like furniture.”


small kitchen design with curved cabinets


small kitchen design 27

Position fully integrated appliances alongside pull-out larder units and wall cabinets with concertina doors to make the most of your available space.


white country small kitchen with open shelving

Avoid the temptation to cram as many units into the room as possible as this will make the kitchen feel smaller. Classic wall-mounted plate racks are an ideal way to keep a country kitchen tidy.

small kitchen design 30


country small kitchen design 31

Got a small and cosy country kitchen? You’ve got the excuse to clutter it with cute buys.

modern tyrquoise kitchen design 32

Modern small kitchen design by gut gut.


small kitchen design 33 under stairs

Modern small kitchen design under the stairs by Loadingdock5 Architecture.

small Kitchen With Bamboo Cabinets

Small long kitchen Kitchen With Bamboo Cabinets by Erdreich Architecture.


small kitchen design with deep blue cabinets and vintage tiles

Small kitchen design with deep blue cabinets and interesting wallpaper by elegueller arquitetos.


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