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10 Fabulous Bedrooms


So what makes a bedroom fabulous? It is the color palette, the beautiful linens, the plush pillows. Yes, but it is much more than this. A fabulous bedroom is a restful place that makes you relax and unwind. Whatever does that for you is what your bedroom should be. The walls could be any color you want as long as you love it. The linens could be soft, solid luxury, or a wild and crazy mix of beautiful fabrics as long as you love it. I think the real key to a fabulous bedroom is function! Clutter doesn’t make anyone relax. The furniture in a bedroom has to be super functional in order to store everything we tend to stuff in our bedroom. The other key is to not overload your bedroom with wall to wall furniture. You must have room to breathe in there. Take your time, and pick the most functional piece for your space, that will store what you need, but not take up the entire space. This may seem an impossible duo, but it can be done with a little creativity or maybe professional help. Whatever it takes, just don’t neglect your bedroom. It is your space, make it great.
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Fabulous Bedrooms 2


Fabulous Bedrooms 3


Fabulous Bedrooms with stone wall


white Fabulous Bedrooms


Fabulous Bedrooms 4
purple Fabulous Bedrooms


Fabulous Bedrooms  6


pink Fabulous Bedrooms
Fabulous Bedrooms 8

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