21 Art Gallery Wall Ideas

Art Gallery Wall Ideas

One type of home ornamentation that has been gaining steam lately are wall arts. But let's take it from the beginning, shall we? Having a blank wall is sometimes really boring! Even the brightest of colors might not be enough to give the space a new lease of life. As...

The Best Small Living Room Ideas For Inspiration

small elegant living room

In most homes, the living room is usually a designated area for families and their guests where they go to relax. But what happens when the room architecture is such that makes it very limited? The only solution is to maximize the space you already have. And if you are...

5 Great Summer Styles For Living Room

5 Great Summer Styles For Living Room

Rethink your living room décor and get ready for the bright, sunny colors and textures of summer. Summer living rooms are made of easy, breezy styles with graphic lines, brush-strokes of textile paint in saturated hues, rattan and wicker furnishings, with various accents and lighting are all reflective of various...

Stylish Living Room Ideas

Stylish Living Room Ideas 14

The living room is one of the most active places in a home, the centre of focus even by guests. Did you know that with simple manipulations of furniture, arrangement and choice of color you can actually reflect your most sober thoughts and personality? Here is how: Position your sofa...