Gothic Industrial Loft

Gothic Industrial Loft 2

Setting to work designing a beautiful interior takes lots of planning and a good eye for detail and harmonization. Colors, shapes, and textures all play an important role in what makes a home captivating. This beautiful loft by CITY HOME COLLECTIVE, was remolded to specific tastes by stripping down previous...

An Exquisite Artistic Home

artistic loft interior by A+Z Design Studio 2

Wing-backed chairs date back a few centuries. In fact, this elegant styled settee is actually an easy chair or club-chair with a high-back and wings. These wings envelope the back of the chair extending down to the arm rest. However, this may not always be the case. Today, wing-back chairs...

A Dynamic New York Skyline Apartment

Dramatic Yet Comfortable Urban Loft

Damask wallpaper patterns create a distinctive look in today's modern styled decors. Actually, damask patterns were introduced in Damascus, Syria during the period of the Middle Ages. Most interior decorators utilize this type of design for a vintage or decorative look. In most instances today, this pattern is merged with...

House With a “Lofty” Soul and “Green” Heart

green loft house

Formerly an ordinary commercial space bearing only an utilitarian purpose, this intriguing contemporary residential space located in Terrassa, Spain was brilliantly and tactfully transformed in 2014 into an astonishing one-of-a-kind urban loft that blends functionality, practicality and comfort with exquisite aesthetics and airy transparency. Designed by Spanish savvy and visionary...

The Loft of the Wondrous

The Loft of the Wondrous

Lofts are meant to be huge spaces filled with artefacts, ideas, and the vision of a liberal soul who understands the concepts of living in the here and now, but somehow grasping the beyond and expressing it through their living space. That’s the essence of this avant-garde domicile. It is...